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Gold rates depend on the daily market rate and purity of your gold. Visit our nearest branch office and check the purity of your gold. There are no additional charges for this service.

Gold purity is checked by the modern German XRF gold purity checker machine

Yes We Do Release The Gold From Banks Or Any Other Financial Institutions.

Bring your relevant documents, such as an original ID, evidence of your local address, a purchase statement, etc., to our branch.  Aaradhana Gold professionals will verify the documentation and check the purity of your gold. 

We are India based gold buyers. We purchase all kinds of broken, old, unused or second-hand gold. Remember, we don’t sell the ornaments.

We accept all precious metal-based ornaments. Gold, Old gold, Silver, diamond and Platinum are accepted. Anything like necklace, ring, bangles etc.


No stress if you haven’t taken proper care of your gold silver or other precious metal items. We will buy any amount of gold in any condition; including scrap gold. We value your items based on weight, purity and the current spot price. 

Gold Buyers

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